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Your mentoring plan

Your mentoring starts with a session that will, by discussion, result in defining your goal for mentoring (“what do you want from your mentoring?”) and the time frame in which you wish to achieve this goal. During this session a detailed and mutually agreed action plan, personal to your needs and aspirations, is developed, aimed at getting you to your goal. This plan will consider the frequency of the mentoring sessions necessary and a plan for such sessions will also be agreed.

The following topics with their appropriate subtopics will be discussed briefly in your first session, as appropriate:
-    Business name
-    Business setup (Details of an accountant specialising in small businesses can be provided as well as     details of a small business lawyer)
-    Competitor and market research
-    Marketing
-    IT requirements
-    Website planning and building
-    Business premises
-    Together with any other topics you wish to raise.

Some of these topics might not apply to you, depending on how far you have developed with your ideas, whereas with others more detailed discussion may be required.

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