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From outside the UK?

Services for those from outside the UK wishing to work professionally with UK companies

My career developmentThe open market in the UK enables many from outside of the UK to work either here or with a UK company but from their home country. Many express the wish to know more about the UK and how “it works”. Guidance can be provided on the following subjects:

                         o    Qualifications in the UK for scientists and engineers, their degree structures and how they are compared with qualifications elsewhere
                         o    Professional qualifications for scientists and engineers in the UK and how they are compared with qualifications elsewhere
                         o    Chartership in the UK
                         o    The professional culture in the UK including the relationship between professional staff in companies and their professional institutions and learned societies
                         o    Professional networks
                         o    The regional makeup of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Local and Regional   government in the UK

Contact us if you would like to experience the professional and social culture of the UK; individual arrangements to suit your time table can be made.

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