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Career Mentoring

Services for those in professional life who feel in need of mentoring at this stage in their career

My career developmentMentoring does not have to be a long process.

It is at times of rapid change in your circumstances that mentoring can be of great help. These times are often:

                          o    At the transition from Graduation to securing employment.
                          o    When family and personal situations cause your working practice to change, particularly for women.
                          o    When your employer is “re-structuring” and employment security is changing.
                          o    At retirement, when the prospect of facing a substantial reduction in income has to be addressed and alternatives are needed.

A short period of guidance at these times can “see you through” and boost your confidence in coping with the changes ahead. We offer confidential, one to one mentoring, that can be conducted face to face, or over Skype, or by the anonymity of telephone, whichever medium is most suited to your situation

Pathfinder Mentor helps you prioritise your needs and supports you in achieving your goals.

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