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"Christine is extremely reliable, honest and conscientious person .She has all the qualities which one can expect from mentor doing her best to be as helpful as possible. What is more, she is an excellent listener with immense sense of practicality. What is the most important, she keeps me on the track encouraging me and enabling me a clear vision of my future business. She motivates me with a sincere interest in everything what I do.
 Christine is tremendous asset for me." Maria, PRIME Mentee

"In our consultancy session, Christine was very helpful to suggest and provide further contacts for number of project issues. It was a breath of fresh air to receive her honest and professional opinions." Naeem, PRIME Mentee

"First Steps helped me to identify my skills and set up my own professional and social network. Dr M de Freitas and Dr C Butenuth are very cooperative and keen on showing you the steps to set up your own business." Chris, Postgraduate Intern

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